Upcoming events by: Navadhara School Of Music


Melaperuma 2 is a Cultural Extravaganza by the Navadhara School of Music in 2024.  It is divided into two segments.


In the first half, the electrifying atmosphere of Thrissur Pooram, the most iconic festival of Kerala will be recreated with chenda melam led by Shri JayaramShri Mattannoor Sankarankutty Marar,  Sri. Vinod Navadhara  along with many other well known artists from Kerala and students of Navadhara School of Music.


In the second half, audiences will be treated to a soul-stirring performance that pays homage to the legendary Indian playback singer Smt K S Chithra's timeless classics and introduces new musical masterpieces. With her enchanting voice and magnetic stage presence, Chithra will take the audience on a mesmerizing musical odyssey, exploring the rich tapestry of South Indian music. She will be accompanied by an exceptional team, including a live orchestra and renowned playback singers Madhu Balakrishnan, Nishad, and Anamika.


Join us as we bring Kerala's artistic heritage to an international stage, creating an unforgettable experience for all.


We offer a special 5% discount for Group/Family of 3 to 8 tickets. Use the discount code "LOVE-MELAPERUMA-5%" at the "apply coupon" section of the checkout process.